Download Youtube videos with single click using RealPlayer 11

The new version of RealPlayer 11 now allow you to download any clips (flash and flv files) from the web. The good is the free version of RealPlayer 11 also included this features.

RealPlayer 11 

After you have installed RealPlayer 11, you will see a little “Download This Video” bar when you point your mouse to a video clip on website. It works well on Firefox and Google Chrome browse in my laptop. After you have clicked on the “Download This Video” bar, a small download dialog will appear to show the progress of the download file.

Realplayer Download Youtube Video 

Other features from RealPlayer 11 are iPod support, DVD burning, LivePause & Perfect Play, Universal Player, High Quality Video, TurboPlay,  Advanced Video Controls, Music Store, RealAudio Lossless Format, Advanced CD Burning, Analog Recording, Multiple Audio Formats, Multi-Channel Stereo Sound, 10-Band Graphic EQ, High Bitrate Encoding, Crossfade, Visualizations, Album Info, Portable Device and Toolbar Mode.

Visit Real website for more information and RealPlayer’s download link.


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